Whether you need a more reliable way to generate income for retirement now, or you want to help ensure your investments are generating as much interest and dividends as possible without having it taken away by unexpected circumstances, our complimentary Retirement Income Kit is for you.

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Eric Lardner has nearly 30 years of experience working in the financial markets, providing market analysis and financial planning. After beginning his career in New York City at what is now JP Morgan Chase Bank, he returned to Dallas to work with his family in the real estate development business. Eric resumed his career in financial services in 2004 and has specialized in several aspects of comprehensive financial planning including investments, retirement income strategies, insurance, and estate planning. He has written pieces for international publications on some of the unique ways to help protect and distribute wealth as a legacy. Eric founded Abundant Wealth Management (AWM) to focus on helping to maximize retirement income for his clients. Eric is a Series 65-licensed Investment Advisor Representative and fiduciary with Sound Income Strategies LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Eric is an exclusive franchise owner in Dallas, TX for the Retirement Income Store®

Abundant Wealth Management (AWM) services the pre-retiree (within 10 years of retirement) and retiree markets as Retirement Income Specialists. Services include financial planning, investments, insurance, asset preservation, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplements. As a fiduciary, AWM works closely with clients to help maximize retirement income with a focus on the needs and best interests of clients first and foremost. AWM is dedicated to the core principals of trust and integrity.

Seven must-read retirement reports:

“10 Signs You’re Working with a True Retirement Income Specialist”
”The Case for Fixed Income – How to Help Avoid the Most Common Mistakes that Could Derail your Retirement”
“The Essentials of What you Need to Know About Retirement Income”
“7 Risks to Your Retirement and What You Can Do to Help Avoid Them”
“Investing For Income in the Stock Market”
“Estate Planning – Are you making mistakes that could jeopardize your retirement?”
“Why Investing in Mutual Funds Could Jeopardize Your Retirement” 

This Kit is invaluable for those who are:

  • Retired, or within 10 years of retirement
  • Worried they might outlive their retirement savings
  • Not sure if their investments are helping to minimize or even eliminate stock market risk and uncertainty
  • Interested in taking a “Bird in the Hand” approach to investing that can provide steady streams of interest and dividends for retirement, even if you don’t need the income now

The secret to a more stress-free retirement is to try to preserve what you’ve worked so hard for and use it to provide a steady stream of income you can depend on. 

Fill in the form to claim your FREE Retirement Income Kit today!

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